We Had Visitors! 

It is interesting to me to look back and see who "dropped by" to visit sdunnmusic.com this past year. I realize that this is a small "operation" here; so to see that thousands of individuals from 52 different countries stopped to take a look and give a listen is amazing and humbling for me. I do hope there has been some value derived from your visit and hope you'll come back. (And, hey - if you want to buy something or make personal contact for any reason, that would be great, too. :))

Blessings to everyone for a brand new year!

New Publication 

I am pleased to share that "A New Horizon", which was composed earlier in 2021 and has been available on this site for much of this year, will be released in 2022 by Carl Fischer. It is my first publication with them and I am excited to begin what I hope will be an ongoing partnership with this long-established and respected music publisher. 

Because of this new association, "A New Horizon" will no longer be available through SDunnMusic.com - though you will still be able to listen to the demo and get information about purchasing the piece on this site. 

New Music for Concert Band 

I am happy to announce the addition of a new work for Wind Band, now available here at sdunnmusic.com! You can hear a recording and learn how to purchase the piece here.  

Each year I compose a piece for the high school student participants to premiere at our annual University of Mobile Honor Band. This past year was so exceptional and challenging in many ways due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we were still able, miraculously, to hold the event. Our team went over and beyond in both hard work and creative adaptability to make this happen in a safe, effective manner. Also, the students who attended (in record numbers, actually) were terrifically cooperative, positive and hard working. It turned out to be a great Honor Band.

Because of the unique circumstances, I felt the piece I introduced should be upbeat, hopeful, full of joy and "to the point". The result was "A New Horizon" - where even the title is looking ahead to a better future. It starts with sparking woodwinds and light percussion and quickly builds to an energetic full band. A brief, melodic middle section - still at the same tempo - introduces some new thematic material that is then combined with the opening ideas, leading to a spirited conclusion. The piece has some rhythmic challenges and exists in alternating 3/4 and 4/4 meters for a good portion of the work. However, I was impressed with how quickly the students were able to "lock in" on those things and give such an enthusiastic and effective performance. I hope you will give it a listen!  (Grade 3+)

By the way: Our next University of Mobile Honor Band for high school students will be February 10 - 12, 2022. Registration for that event will be available starting in August of this year at umobile.edu/honorband. We would love to have your students apply.

It's Been A Year!...So Far (May) 

I've been behind on posting news, so let's do some catch up - one month at a time.    

Let's continue into May...

I had the chance to attend the 2021 Metro Instrumental Directors Conference in Tyler, Texas. This is a group I've been connected to for more than 30 years, though I've not been able to attend the annual conference as regularly in recent years. This year I was not only able to attend, but was one of the arranger/conductors of the opening concert (conducting my composition, "Centennial Fanfare Prelude"). I was also included in a round table discussion with other composers/arrangers (which is most of this group, by the way) on the current state of church music publishing. I expect we will see some very interesting things come out of that discussion.



It's Been A Year!...So Far (April) 

I've been behind on posting news, so let's do some catch up - one month at a time.     

The lovely month of April...

I was sent a link to this video of the Orchestra at Houston's First Baptist Church playing my arrangement of "Revelation Song". The director of the group is Tim Cates - who is also a very fine arranger and musician as well. They do a really nice job with this piece and I hope you will enjoy it! 


It's Been A Year!...So Far (March) 

I've been behind on posting news, so let's do some catch up - one month at a time.   

Spring finally arrived in March. 

The annual Instrumental Convergence, hosted by Texas Baptists, was scheduled to be held in Austin this year and I was to be the guest conductor/clinician for the event. Like so many things, it was cancelled for this year (and is now being rescheduled for early spring 2022). But rather than do nothing, Director of Music and Worship, Tom Tillman, hosted a virtual meeting which included a discussion on topics related to church instrumental music and a Q & A with those who "attended". It was a treat to be part of this discussion with Tom and David Winkler, a talented arranger and highly respected leader in the church music world - and a long time friend. It was a treat! 


It's Been A Year!...So Far (February) 

I've been behind on posting news, so let's do some catch up - one month at a time.  

The second month of the year was a busy one, for sure!

One highlight of the month was that it marked my first opportunities to be in high schools and interact personally with students in over a year. I had the chance to assist a couple of different schools as they were preparing for spring festival assessments and was really glad to be "back in the saddle". 

The biggest event of the month, however, was the 12th Annual University Of Mobile Honor Band, held on the university campus. This was particularly challenging during a pandemic, but our team worked above and beyond to make it happen. Rehearsals were held outside under a large tent, only partially enclosed, to allow for proper distancing and ventilation, and all of the normal protocols were in place. It was one of the best attended of our Honor Bands ever. Clinician Jason Warnix did a wonderful job and the students gave a terrific premiere of "A New Horizon", which I wrote for them - and which will be available for purchase on this site soon. It was difficult and yet beautifully memorable. Registration for the 2022 UM Honor Band will be open in August and will be found at: umobile.edu/honorband.


It's Been A Year!...So Far (January) 

I've been behind on posting news, so let's do some catch up - one month at a time. 

Let's start with January...

Once again I had the opportunity to be a judge for the annual Gulf Coast Steinway Society Concerto Competition. It's always enjoyable to see these young performers (Middle School, High School and Collegiate level) and encouraging to know that great teaching is still alive and well. It was different this year, of course. Live performers were masked, there was no live audience (thankful for streaming options!) and although some competitors performed in person, others participated live via Zoom. I appreciate the GCSS's commitment to providing this opportunity in a pandemic year and looking forward to a return to a more normal event next year. For information on the 2022 competition, go to the GCSS website: gulfcoaststeinwaysociety.org

Look Who Came To Visit! 

It's always good to look back at the year we are leaving - even 2020...in all of it's *glory* - and think about the connections and interactions we've had with other people during that time. (Everything important in life ultimately comes down to people and not stuff, right?) For me, it's interesting to see how this website (which I know is, like me, NOT really a big deal) has managed to connect with thousands of people all over the world. I've had visits from people in 43 different countries this year. Most hits have been from the US, of course - though my Brazilian friends have come in a pretty close 2nd, particularly when it comes to listening to music! I do wonder how many of you EVEN FOUND this site, if you discovered anything of value, if you were encouraged or inspired in some way...all those sorts of questions. Whatever the answer, I'm grateful that you stopped by. You have reminded me that our world really is quite small and deeply interconnected at many levels. I hope that you will come again and pray that you will indeed find something to lift your spirits and perhaps enhance your personal, academic or ministry related music worlds. 

Until then, may you have a blessed New Year and may the peace of our Lord be at work in your heart and life in 2021.~~~Steve Dunn

New Commission Presentation 

I was given the great treat yesterday of participating in a surprise Christmas "gift" presentation - virtually, of course. The members of the Trinity Baptist Church Orchestra in Raleigh, North Carolina, commissioned me to create an orchestra arrangement as a gift to their Worship/Music Pastor, Mr. Steve Byers. The arrangement is of the old American hymn tune "NETTLETON", which most know as "Come, Thou Fount Of Every Blessing" - one of Steve's favorite hymns. They surprised him during a group Zoom call and allowed me to be a guest for the presentation. It was incredibly heart warming to see the love each of these individuals have for one another and an honor to be part of the process. 

A premiere performance will have to wait, of course, until the pandemic subsides enough for groups to safely gather, rehearse and perform - something for ALL of us to look forward to sometime this next year. For all commissions that I fulfill, I grant exclusive usage of the work to the commissioning individual or group for a period of time up to a year. So this piece will be publicly available for purchase late in 2021.