It's Been A Year!...So Far (February)

I've been behind on posting news, so let's do some catch up - one month at a time.  

The second month of the year was a busy one, for sure!

One highlight of the month was that it marked my first opportunities to be in high schools and interact personally with students in over a year. I had the chance to assist a couple of different schools as they were preparing for spring festival assessments and was really glad to be "back in the saddle". 

The biggest event of the month, however, was the 12th Annual University Of Mobile Honor Band, held on the university campus. This was particularly challenging during a pandemic, but our team worked above and beyond to make it happen. Rehearsals were held outside under a large tent, only partially enclosed, to allow for proper distancing and ventilation, and all of the normal protocols were in place. It was one of the best attended of our Honor Bands ever. Clinician Jason Warnix did a wonderful job and the students gave a terrific premiere of "A New Horizon", which I wrote for them - and which will be available for purchase on this site soon. It was difficult and yet beautifully memorable. Registration for the 2022 UM Honor Band will be open in August and will be found at: